Hello Creatives!

Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here but I’ve been sick off and on this winter. Now I’ve been trying to get my creative mojo back!

Anyways today I am excited to share a new project with you. I am using Lawn Fawn products from their winter release, Woodland Critter Hugger (dies) and a few other dies as well. This is a versatile set! They have all the critters they came up with on their website but when I saw this die set, an idea snuck up and I wondered if I could pull it off.

My daughter is a big fan of My Little Pony and was excited to see the new movie. So, I thought I would just try to figure out a way to make this critter die set into the ponies…

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I used the LF Watercolor Wishes and Perfectly Plaid: Rainbow Petite Paper Packs along with white cardstock for each pony and die cut them out. I used LF Narwhal & Friends die set for the unicorn horns and, once each pony was complete I used LF Banner die set using white cardstock and then adhered the ponies to the banner. I also, used LF Scripty Friends die because all the ponies together create the power of friendship! I have watched the show many times with my daughter!

Once complete, I added the pony’s cutie mark to the front of the banner or to the pony. I also, added other embellishments such as sequins and used the Spectrum Shimmer Clear marker. I added a ribbon to put them all together they look like they are holding hooves! Anyways in case you didn’t know who is who, from left to right:

Apple Jack (Yellow Orange, Cowgirl Earth Pony)

Pinkie Pie (Pink, Happily hyper/party throwing Earth Pony) – This is totally my daughter!

Rainbow Dash (Blue, Sporty Pegasus)

Twilight Sparkle (Purple, Princess Alicorn)

Rarity (White, Fashionista Unicorn)

Fluttershy (Yellow, Shy nature loving Pegasus)

Anyways I think I pulled it off! I hope you like them! Let me know what you think. Who’s your favorite My Little Pony?

Thanks for stopping in!

Bye for now 🙂 XO, Jennifer


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