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    A Note from the Creative Mews!

    Hello Creatives!

    It is I, Jaspurr, I’m the Creative Mews of Jovial Creates! I have great Mews! I’m taking over the blog today, my Mom is busy with her design projects, taking care of the mini humans and the DOG, Ugh!

    Anyways back to me, so my Mom finally did a kitty cat font… it should have been first but I will let that slide this time! It’s called, Purrfect Planner! It is a good feline, hand drawn font and has all sorts of wonderful things in it!

    The Purrfect Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font and 6 procreate brushes! Purrfect Planner was created for kitty lovers, planners and designers!

    I just know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

    Well it’s been a good talk but I’ve got to catch up on my handsome sleep, catch bugs, stare out the window and at 3 am make sure to run around like a crazy animal!

    Lots of Love,


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    A Note from the C-WOOF-O

    Hello Creatives!

    My name is Jiffy Pup, I’m the C-WOOF-O of Jovial Creates. My Mom’s really sorry she hasn’t been blogging lately but she has been devoting her time to raising the mini humans, the cat, and working on some new products for her shop!! Anyways my Mom said I could say a couple of woofs to promote a new font, it’s called Doggy Planner! It’s a fetching, hand drawn font!

    The Doggy Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font! Doggy Planner was created with planners in mind but it would also be great for designers, doggy lovers, etc. I know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

    Well I’ve got to go, I have squirrels to catch! Take Care!

    Woof Love,

    Jiffy Pup

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    How to Make a Pennant Banner

    Hello Creatives!

    My next project showcasing my new font (the animal crackers) is using a pennant I created on my computer.

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    I made my pennant into a banner for my kids’ rooms using a pattern from my font and put it onto my pennant. Also, I used heart shapes and spelled out their names using the caps font. Once they were printed, I cut them out and taped them onto each pennant. When my kids came home from school, they were super excited about them and wanted to put them in their rooms.

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    Anyways, I’m giving you guys, the Pennant Banner & Shapes Template for free, you can also, find it on my Freebies page on my website. Just follow the printing instructions, when printed onto a regular sized 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper/cardstock, you will be able to fold it in half and it should line up perfectly. Get some twine and you’re done! You now have a cute pennant banner! Feel free to create your own pattern using your computer or with your rubber stamps or whatever you have will work.

    Thanks for stopping in Creatives! See you again soon!

    Take care




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    How to Make Lunchbox Notes

    Hello Creatives!

    Go easy on me, this is my first ever blog post on my first ever website (that I’ve been working on for a long time!). I’ve also, just released my first ever font, it’s a playful font trio called, The Animal Crackers. It showcases uppercase letters, script letters, and symbols.

    Anyways I thought I’d share a few projects with you on fun ideas on how you can use this font.

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    My first idea was to create lunch box notes for my kids using my symbols font, the symbols are almost all animal characters. If you are following along and you don’t have kids, you can make this for adults too! I created a template, typed out an animal and then put a fun sentiment with it, then I printed it out on cardstock.

    I made the template so you could just use scissors or a paper cutter to cut them out with enough space so you could fold it over to make the little notecard. When you print it out the squares should measure 2″x2″. I made sure the ink was dry, then colored the little animals in with my Copic markers but you could use any type of medium, or just let the recipient color it. Now, I have a handful of sweet, notes to give to my kids for their lunches and/or if they are having a bad day! Sometimes our littles need to know we do care about them too! My youngest already saw these and has claimed some of them!

    As a gift to you, in honor of my new website and font release, I’m offering the lunchbox notes template as a freebie so you can print some out and give to your kids/loved ones. I’ve also, included a blank template for you to create your own notes. I hope you enjoy! Kid’s Lunchbox Notecard Template

    Take Care and thanks so much for stopping in! I hope you will stop in again to see more of my projects!

    Bye for now!

    XO, Jennifer