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    Back to School

    Hello Creatives!

    I just wanted to share my latest Instagram post. I used my Wreath Builder Brush Set #1 along with some creativity to create it. I used the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.

    I did only use a small portion of my Wreath Builder set but I just wanted to show another way to use the set. There are many possibilities to create.

    I will be back on the blog soon to show my other Wreath Builder sets along with some other upcoming news.

    Take Care!



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    Leap of Faith

    Hello Creatives! I wanted to share with you my latest instagram post. I used my Wreath Builder Stamp Brush Set #1 for Procreate to letter a quote I found on Pinterest.

    Take time to do what makes your soul happy.” I don’t know who it’s by but it rings so true for me right now that I wanted to letter it.

    As I’m trying to type out this post, my handsome, Creative Mews – Jaspurr has decided I need to pet him! So let me “Paws” for a minute or two for him! Sorry I couldn’t help myself there… if my husband should happen to read this he’d be rolling his eyes right now because he thinks my humor is corny! At least my kiddos still think I’m funny!

    Anyways back to this post! I took a big leap of faith this past year to get back to what makes my soul happy and that is just where I’m at now, blogging, designing, and crafting! It’s my happy place other than with my family.

    I also, just recently took another leap of faith and shared my design journey with all of my closest friends and family on my personal facebook. I’m always telling my kids they have to be brave, it’s okay to be scared about some things but they have to put on a brave face/smile and just do it. I needed to practice what I was preaching. So I too put on my brave face and shared it because it was just time. I feel so much better doing so.

    I will be back on the blog soon to share how I used another Wreath Builder Set. If you are interested in this set, you can click on my shop page for more information. It’s a great set and for this lettering piece, I only used brushes from the set.

    Take Care!



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    I’m Back!

    Hello Creatives!

    I’m finally back on the blog today! I am promoting my latest products, Wreath Builder Stamp Brush Sets 1-4 for Procreate on iPad Pro. Take your lettering/artwork to the next level. These are great brush sets, very versatile, you can create a lettering/artwork layout very quickly. You can either build up by layering the stamps or you are able to use just one brush, etc. There are many possibilities!

    You can view them here, or on my Shop, or on my Portfolio page.

    I will be back soon to show you how to use them in a crafty way and/or for Instagram!



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    A Note from the Creative Mews!

    Hello Creatives!

    It is I, Jaspurr, I’m the Creative Mews of Jovial Creates! I have great Mews! I’m taking over the blog today, my Mom is busy with her design projects, taking care of the mini humans and the DOG, Ugh!

    Anyways back to me, so my Mom finally did a kitty cat font… it should have been first but I will let that slide this time! It’s called, Purrfect Planner! It is a good feline, hand drawn font and has all sorts of wonderful things in it!

    The Purrfect Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font and 6 procreate brushes! Purrfect Planner was created for kitty lovers, planners and designers!

    I just know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

    Well it’s been a good talk but I’ve got to catch up on my handsome sleep, catch bugs, stare out the window and at 3 am make sure to run around like a crazy animal!

    Lots of Love,


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    A Note from the C-WOOF-O

    Hello Creatives!

    My name is Jiffy Pup, I’m the C-WOOF-O of Jovial Creates. My Mom’s really sorry she hasn’t been blogging lately but she has been devoting her time to raising the mini humans, the cat, and working on some new products for her shop!! Anyways my Mom said I could say a couple of woofs to promote a new font, it’s called Doggy Planner! It’s a fetching, hand drawn font!

    The Doggy Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font! Doggy Planner was created with planners in mind but it would also be great for designers, doggy lovers, etc. I know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

    Well I’ve got to go, I have squirrels to catch! Take Care!

    Woof Love,

    Jiffy Pup

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    Woodland Critter Hugger Hedgehog

    Hello Creatives!

    Today I am sharing a few projects I have created for Valentine’s Day using the Lawn Fawn Woodland Critter Huggers die set again! I love it soooo much!

    Anyways this time I wanted to try a hedgehog. I played around with some ideas until I finally figured out I could use the antler die (within the set) to use for the Hedgie’s spines, that’s the spiky part.

    So first I took the main body trimmed the ears so they weren’t so pointy. Then I die cut a bunch of spines. Using a piece of copy paper I traced the body, so I could lay out the spines around the outer side of the body just to gage how many spines I would need. I then used liquid glue so I would have some wiggle room to move the spines around.

    After this was completed I added the belly, face, nose, eyes, cheeks and then added a sentiment from Lawn Fawn’s How You Bean? Conversation Heart Add-On Stamps (Luv U).

    This one actually when the arms are closed it reads, “Luv U” and when they open it says, “This Much”.

    Here is what I came up with…

    Luv U
    This Much
    hedgie card
    Luv U This Much

    Here is another version of the hedgehog… I used the same Woodland Critter Hugger die also, used, Lawn Fawn’s Sending Hedgehugs Stamp.

    hedgie V2
    Hedgehog Version 2
    hedgie V2b
    Sending Hedgehugs

    And it wouldn’t be complete without a very special, blue hedgehog to add to this list!!


    Thanks for stopping in!
    Bye for now!
    XO, Jennifer

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    How to Turn Woodland Critter into Cute Ponies

    Hello Creatives!

    Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here but I’ve been sick off and on this winter. Now I’ve been trying to get my creative mojo back!

    Anyways today I am excited to share a new project with you. I am using Lawn Fawn products from their winter release, Woodland Critter Huggers (dies) and a few other dies as well. This is a versatile set! They have all the critters they came up with on their website but when I saw this die set, an idea snuck up and I wondered if I could pull it off.

    My daughter is a big fan of My Little Pony and was excited to see the new movie. So, I thought I would just try to figure out a way to make this critter die set into the ponies…

    I used the Lawn Fawn Watercolor Wishes 6×6 Paper Pack and Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid: Rainbow Petite 6×6 Paper Pack along with white cardstock for each pony and die cut them out. I used LF Narwhal & Friends die set for the unicorn horns and, once each pony was complete I used LF Stitched Party Banner die set using white cardstock and then adhered the ponies to the banner. I also, used LF Scripty Friends die because all the ponies together create the power of friendship! I have watched the show many times with my daughter!

    Once complete, I added the pony’s cutie mark to the front of the banner or to the pony. I also, added other embellishments such as sequins and used the Spectrum Shimmer Clear marker. I added a ribbon to put them all together they look like they are holding hooves! Anyways in case you didn’t know who is who, from left to right:

    Apple Jack

    Pinkie Pie

    Rainbow Dash

    Twilight Sparkle



    Apple Jack (Yellow Orange, Cowgirl Earth Pony)

    Pinkie Pie (Pink, Happily hyper/party throwing Earth Pony) – This is totally my daughter!

    Rainbow Dash (Blue, Sporty Pegasus)

    Twilight Sparkle (Purple, Princess Alicorn)

    Rarity (White, Fashionista Unicorn)

    Fluttershy (Yellow, Shy nature loving Pegasus)

    Anyways I think I pulled it off! I hope you like them! Let me know what you think. Who’s your favorite My Little Pony?

    Thanks for stopping in!

    Bye for now!

    XO, Jennifer