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Oh, Anxiety!

Hello Creatives!

This is kind of a personal post so if you don’t want to hear about it that’s okay I’m not offended. I just started this blog, I don’t want to scare you guys away! My next post will be a fun tutorial I promise!

If you already know me, you know, I’m a happy person. I love my family, my life, and I love to create but I struggle with anxiety.

This week I’ve struggled with it a little bit to get a new post out to you. I was sick last week over Thanksgiving, and it’s just been hard to get back to it. I’ve started this blog/creative journey, and I know I cannot turn my back on it; it’s just too important to me and my family. I want to make them proud, especially my husband/bff.

He told me he is proud of me already and I said I haven’t done anything significantly yet. He told me I’ve already done what I said I was going to do and more than what he thought. I’m at the start of something I’ve always wanted to do, I put myself out there. I need to stop being hard on myself and just move forward.

I think the oldest and best advice out there is to, “just put yourself out there”.

So, onward and, if you’ve read this through the end, thanks for listening!


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