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A Note from the Creative Mews!

Hello Creatives!

It is I, Jaspurr, I’m the Creative Mews of Jovial Creates! I have great Mews! I’m taking over the blog today, my Mom is busy with her design projects, taking care of the mini humans and the DOG, Ugh!

Anyways back to me, so my Mom finally did a kitty cat font… it should have been first but I will let that slide this time! It’s called, Purrfect Planner! It is a good feline, hand drawn font and has all sorts of wonderful things in it!

The Purrfect Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font and 6 procreate brushes! Purrfect Planner was created for kitty lovers, planners and designers!

I just know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

Well it’s been a good talk but I’ve got to catch up on my handsome sleep, catch bugs, stare out the window and at 3 am make sure to run around like a crazy animal!

Lots of Love,


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