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A Note from the C-WOOF-O

Hello Creatives!

My name is Jiffy Pup, I’m the C-WOOF-O of Jovial Creates. My Mom’s really sorry she hasn’t been blogging lately but she has been devoting her time to raising the mini humans, the cat, and working on some new products for her shop!! Anyways my Mom said I could say a couple of woofs to promote a new font, it’s called Doggy Planner! It’s a fetching, hand drawn font!

The Doggy Planner has upper and lowercase with open type features and even includes a BONUS symbols font! Doggy Planner was created with planners in mind but it would also be great for designers, doggy lovers, etc. I know you’re going to love it! You can check it out here in her shop, or here on and feel free to check out her other products as well!

Well I’ve got to go, I have squirrels to catch! Take Care!

Woof Love,

Jiffy Pup

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